Sunday, November 22, 2009

SEmotion Coolboy Pack - 10 animated stands!

Hello all!
We just released the new animation pack called SEmotion CoolBoy Pack!

It included 10 individaul animations for boys!
You can try and buy this pack or seperates at our mainstore.
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Update your SEmotion HUD to ver. 3.8!

Hello to all! We would like to inform you, we started updating for male SEmotion HUD.
Now all SEmotion HUD must be ver.3.8! Please update your HUD now!

How I can update my SEmotion HUD?
- Please gp to Options menu and select Update. You will receive the new AO bow automatically!
- If you have too old version of HUD please contact Marie Sims.

Thank you,

Monday, November 16, 2009

SEmotion Coquette Pack - 10 animated stands!

Welcome to SEmotion!
We just released new female animations!
This new pack called Coquette and it included 10 animations for ladies.

You can try and buy this pack or seperates at our mainstore.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

New female animations from SEmotion!

We just released two new packs of female standing animations! It called SEmotion Lively Girl Pack and SEmotion Modeste Pack. Please feel free to look and try them in SEmotion mainstore.

All animations are new in SL!

SEmotion Modeste Pack - 10 animated stands.

SEmotion Lively Girl Pack - 12 animated stands.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Get the new SEmotion AO HUD!

We are starting the update for our SEmotion AO HUD to version 3.8!
Now, all female AO HUDs can be updated.
Please check the update from Options in your HUD. The HUD will check for update and if your HUD needs it, you will receive the message and new HUD! Also, each owner of SEmotion HUD will get the free gift from us - only with this update! If you'll have any problem with updating proccess please inform Marie Sims.

Some new features:
- - New system
Updated! Stability HUD isn't a dream! We worked for more stability HUD, and no one report about crash or memory problem. Minimized the probability of hack attacks on scripted attachment (AO HUD).
- - Away On/Off
New feature in SEmotion HUDs v.3.8. Now you can use your favorite animation for away time. It already has one animation for you for free. But if you like to use another one, just add your animation.
- - Running chooser
Have you one more favorite running animation? Add it to your SEmotion HUD and use all them.
- - Jump chooser
Have you one more favorite jump animation? Would you like to have more than one jump at the set? Now, it's possible!

And more....