Friday, February 29, 2008

Update SEmotion F&I AOs to 2.7.5

We have update male version AOs Fresh & Influential to up 2.7.5 and add two new walks for free only for who already have SEmotion AO. This update absolutely for free and only needed wear your HUD.

Thank you,
Marie Sims

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Content in SL :(

I was absent just over a week before found ...

We must inform that new animations not will be demonstration for look and try without sale. Unfortunately, we found some similarities animations, which we show without sale. We looked poor and substandard copies of animations so similarities with SEmotion. We will only display animations ready for sale. Thank you for your understanding.

In recent times a big wave of robbery content in SL, very sorry. I hope you will be choose really good and original animations, if you really glad to use good things. Thank you!

Marie Sims

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Delivery system & critical error

We started to test first auto delivery system. Please read information below. You should receive new version.
We found some problems (critical error) with four AO HUD,
SEmotion F&I&S AO HUD
SEmotion I&S AO HUD
SEmotion G&B AO HUD
SEmotion M&G&I&B AO HUD

Please check your version, look at the name of your AO, it must be has version 2.7.1 and SEmotion G&B AO HUD has version 2.7.2!
Other AOs has correct version of AO 2.7! No needed to update.

If you have questions, send to Marie Sims IM or notecard.
Please do not panic)

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Update your SEmotion AO to 2.7!

Welcome to new version of SEmotion AO HUD. This is important updates for all SEmotion HUDs, because now 2.7 has own Update system.

- This is absolutely FREE for all customers;
- Simple to use, wear your SEmotion HUD;
- No need to send a message or notecard for Update for AO;
- No need to come to store or looking for some box for update;
- No need to do one or more clicks, system is automatic-update only;

How to use:
- Wear your SEmotion AO, look at open channel (chat) of message from AO.
- Then if you will see that message about "Update to up" just accept new version from SEmotion Studio (blue window);
- Open your Inventory and drag that update box on ground and open;
- Copy to your inventory new version AO and wear it.

That's all.

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SEmotion C&M&G&I&B AO HUD

SEmotion C&M&G&I&B AO HUD is a Combo set of FIVE different female AO styles. SEmotion provides several sets of your choice, a combination of different sets convenient to you.

It includes more 140 new animations:
- 25 stands, - 25 sits, - 25 groundsits, - 13 walks,
crouch, walkcrouch, landing, falling, sdand up, running, fly, hovering, fly up/down, fly slow, jump, prejump, swimming, swimming forward, floating, swimming down/up animations!!!

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