Friday, February 1, 2008

Update your SEmotion AO to 2.7!

Welcome to new version of SEmotion AO HUD. This is important updates for all SEmotion HUDs, because now 2.7 has own Update system.

- This is absolutely FREE for all customers;
- Simple to use, wear your SEmotion HUD;
- No need to send a message or notecard for Update for AO;
- No need to come to store or looking for some box for update;
- No need to do one or more clicks, system is automatic-update only;

How to use:
- Wear your SEmotion AO, look at open channel (chat) of message from AO.
- Then if you will see that message about "Update to up" just accept new version from SEmotion Studio (blue window);
- Open your Inventory and drag that update box on ground and open;
- Copy to your inventory new version AO and wear it.

That's all.

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