Saturday, October 18, 2008

Updating for all HUDs to 3.5 version!

We are glad to inform you all about grand updating all SEmotion AO HUD!
New latest version of AO HUD 3.5!
Update will stating automatically, only that you must do - click on Update (button Options - Update), and receive your new AO.
We recommend to use latest version of AO.

AO HUD version 3.5
What is new?
- All HUDs were recompiled to Mono system. More memory for scripts and possibility to load more and more animations. All HUDs were tested many times and ready for use.
- Added combo mix sets to all Combo AO's. Full combo AO's has many combinations of them styles. Try out it together (all your sets).
- Fixed a lot of bugs with typing and playing animation together.
- Fixed bugs of next pose feature.
- Flying chooser features. If you have one more fly animations, now you can add more fly animations to your HUD and then choose that you like to use.
- Sit anywhere - Upgraded this feature to more easy to use, use this option from Menu - Groundsit (choose animations) and you will sit anywhere, also you can choose the animations in menu for change it.
- Removed Groundsit set from AO, clear more place to have your own set.
- Two new arrows "Next" and "Back" to change current play animation (Not only Stands now, Sits, Groundsits!) It is very easy, only one click.
- Simple hug in AO HUD! Do you like huggles your friends anytime? But it is necessary to find couple HUD or each time turn off your HUD, before holding. Now, just say !hug name , and hug your friends. We added this feature only for testing, if it can be popular option, we will develop it more.

Enjoy your new AO!
Have fun!

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