Sunday, March 20, 2011

SEmotion Pensive AO HUD 3.8

New release:
SEmotion Pensive AO HUD 3.8

SEmotion Pensive AO HUD is new generation of SEmotion AOs!
- Mocap female AO.
- It includes 30 new animations
>> 5 stands, >> 5 sits, >> 5 groundsits
and 5 walks, crouch, walkcrouch, landing, falling, stand up, running, fly, hovering, fly up/down, fly slow, jump, prejump animations.

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  1. I'm a fan of your poses!!! Need to try the Ao's! :) I put you on my blog today! <3

  2. Hi Marie, I sent you a failed delivery notecard; can you please deliver my purchase. Thank you very much! And I think several of the posers need to be reset in your store -- many do not work right now. Thank you very much

    Lyric Demina

  3. Ha funny the same thing happened to me. Interesting.... I've now sent 3 note cards with transaction history, and to let her know it didn't send... 3 days later, she's taken my lindens but still not delivered my product.

  4. I bought the new semotion cherie lady pack and all i got was a few single standing animations no ao hud that i can wear and nothing else like walks, sits, flys, and on and on
    i read how to contact and followed instructions but not even a reply
    I sent transaction history and explanation
    Also I cannot seem to join the group????????????????????
    what gives?

  5. I just bought this AO myself, I got charged for it Paypal paid it and I even got an email saying i got it.....NOTHING was delivered. I looked in every file i have in my inventory..NOTHING either deliver it please or refund my money. Thank you